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Sources for Printable Miniature STLs

Once you’ve got printing process down, you’ll need a source for STL files. Here is a list of sources I have used myself.

Downloadable Files:

I have listed these in order of which I have found the most useful.

Create Your Own:

  • – Great resource for designing a miniature that fits your game character. They now offer the STL file to print yourself for $9.99.
  • – Difficult interface to learn and quite buggy. There is a 2.0 Beta in the works, which is better but very limited.

Search Engines:

Dedicated search engines that do not host STL files themselves, but allow you to search multiple sites from one platform. Sort of a Google for printable files.


Artists showcasing their work with low priced option for premium miniatures that you can print.


I have stopped linking to Kickstarter campaigns, as they seem to be hit or miss. If you’re interested in large groups of files for a fixed price, it might be worth a look.

If you know of other sources, please comment below and I will try to add them to the list.

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