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Knuckle Cutter

This is a tool designed by a friend that asked me to post it here for those interested in printing it. Apparently, Thingiverse has blocked it from being seen.

Printing Instructions: Everything can be printed flat on the bed of an FDM printer. SLA/Resin printing is not recommended. At least 4 walls and 25% infill is best. PLA/PETG/ABS are all appropriate.

Assembly: It uses four M3 x 16mm screws with nuts for the swivel part and two M3 screws that are much shorter to hold the blade in. The screws need to be just loose enough to allow it to swivel, so don’t tighten them down. To prevent it from coming apart, use either locking nuts or place a drop of CA glue or threadlocker on the nut.

For the record: This was not designed as a weapon. It was designed to protect the knuckles when cutting large sections of rough material. Skinned knuckles was a common occurrence when cutting crafting foam, sandpaper and cardboard before printing this.

Download the Knuckle Cutter ZIP here

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